Return flight filled with pride

If outward flights are for planning, return flights are for reflecting. Specially business trips, when you board with a mission, and plan to land back home with your mission accomplished.

Yesterday I flew back from Germany like many Thursday nights before. Tired and satisfied, reading, talking, reflecting. But last night was special: that afternoon, I had left the client offices with a smile like never before.

We pitched, we got a project. We were briefed for new ones. And we received the most rewarding feedback ever. With clients, it’s not about the compliments – it’s about getting compliments for the values that you value the most. Alignment. Team work. Availability. Results. Talent, of course. Creativity at the service of objectives.

I spent the flight thinking I have the best team I’ve ever had. And I can’t help but feel really proud knowing that I’ve helped choosing them, welcoming them, teaching them and leading them. And I hope they feel proud, too, because without them, Buzz wouldn’t be the agency it is today.

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  1. May 23, 2017

    […] was 2013 and I was traveling back from London for work. Like in most return flights, I was equally tired and inspired. This time I had attended a Facebook event for their PMD […]

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